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Shameless resumé

Curtis Autery
Westerville, Ohio


      Computer professional with broad knowledge base seeking challenging work in the field of technology or education.


    Long-term goal: Work with children, technology work optional.

Work history:

August 2003 – Present
American Electric Power
1 Riverside Plaza
Columbus, OH 43215
614 716-1000

Software Developer

  • Administer Gentran Server for Unix EDI system.
  • Develop applications to track data flow, and extend file transfer and translation functionality.
  • Create translation maps for e-commerce files.
  • Create web front ends and database query tools.
  • Files worked with are ANSI X.12, BAI2 (banking), XML, and flatfile exports from PeopleSoft and Indus software.
  • Programming languages used are Perl, Java, ksh, and C.
  • Environments are Unix Korn Shell and webMethods 6.1 suite.

August 1997 – August 2003
Sterling Commerce
4600 Lakehurst Dr.
Dublin, OH 43016
614 793-7000

Communications Specialist

  • Use CICS, TSO, and ROSCOE interfaces to IBM mainframe to manage Connect:Mailbox SNA/Bisync user accounts, query VSAM datasets for custom reports, and troubleshoot data compliance/routing problems.
  • Use Netview interface to troubleshoot and activate PU and CDRMs for SNA point to point leased lines.
  • Use Visual Networks Uptime data probe, Sniffer Technologies Distributed SnifferPro, and nGenius NetScout to analyze issues with data formatting, protocol compliance, and Frame Relay circuit problems.
  • Use CXR Telcom Digilog datascopes, Telenex LAN/WAN Switch, and Network General LM1 Olympic Protocol Analyzer to capture Bisync and SNA traffic to troubleshoot compliance and connectivity issues.
  • Use shell/Telnet interface to Cisco Pix firewalls and various Cisco routers to research routing problems for Frame relay and VPN customers.
  • Conduct training classes on communications topics for level 2 customer support, and basic Internet/modem/software classes for newly hired hotline CSRs.

Unix Administrator

  • Administration of medium sized Sun Sparcstation Unix server and small Debian GNU/Linux server
  • Manage internal web servers, user accounts, perform security upgrades, maintain various cron jobs, Perl/shell scripts, etc.
  • Maintain customer support intranet website, including developing and maintaining network script database and developing tutorials for CSRs.

Tech Lead – Gentran Director application support team

  • Provide assistance to Level 2 customer support
  • Develop network scripts and application plug-ins
  • Work with various E-commerce networks to negotiate access to test accounts and procure functional specs.

Support on Demand CSR

  • Answer customer emails and web based questions.
  • Maintain relationships with high volume food brokers, helping maintain their database of criteria for triggering carbon copies of EDI documents.
  • Develop ROSCOE based VSAM query tools to index various value-added services applied to customer data.

1995 – 1997
CompuServe, Inc.
5000 Arlington Centre Blvd.
Columbus, Ohio 43220

Technical Support CSR

  • Assist customers via phone with CIM (CompuServe Information Manager) products for Dos, OS/2, Mac, and Windows. Assistance included troubleshooting modem configuration issues, operating system conflicts, and database corruption.
  • Assist customers with service navigation and disputes with Sysops.
  • Beta test new CIM products.
  • Selected as member of test customer support group (CSLive), who assisted customers in a chatroom environment.
  • Developed chatroom statistics tool for CSLive for measuring CSR performance.

1991 – 1995
Donatos Pizza
935 Taylor Station Road
Columbus, OH 43230

Assistant manager

  • Maintain schedule for 40-50 employees.
  • Bookkeeping for $25k to $30k/week stores.
  • Maintain staffing.
  • Manage food ordering system to assure product freshness and availability.
  • Help organize and participate in community events.
  • Maintained a consistent gross profit of 40%.
  • Developed computerized system of creating “Build-To” lists based on product yield and predicted business levels.


  • Make/Deliver pizza, take phone orders, run cash register, etc.

Volunteer work:

Mark Twain Elementary School
Westerville, Ohio
Microsoft Excel stock project :: Parent volunteer :: Jan 29, 2003 – Feb 19, 2003

    Conducted weekly classes before school for 4th and 5th graders who volunteered for the project. Subject material was Microsoft Excel, tracking stock data, and basic graphing.

General computer skills class :: Parent volunteer :: Nov 14 – Present

    Worked with 2nd grade class on basic computer skills, saving and finding files, and using Microsoft Word. Administered reading proficiency tests using Renaissance Learning’s Star Reading software.

Annehurst Elementary School
Westerville, Ohio
Microsoft Powerpoint/Excel/Word class :: Tech Corps Ohio
- Nov 21, 2002 – April 10, 2003
- Nov 21, 2003 – Present

    Conducted weekly classes for each of three 5th grade groups. Goals were to use PowerPoint to create book reports and special project presentations, use Excel to track stock data, create graphs, and as an aid to complex math, and to use Word for basic word processing and collecting data from other applications.

Northwest Counseling
Mentor for middle-school student :: March 1, 2003 – present

    Program similar to Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Girls Scouts of America
Computer Try-its :: Parent volunteer :: March, 2003

    Helped girls in Brownie troop 1711 get Try-it patches for “Point-Click-Go” and “Computer Smarts” activities

Open-source work:

atengine :: Perl ::

    Website engine including CGI counter, photo journal, blogger, and encrypted journal.

bisync unlogger :: C/Visual Basic :: available on request

    Decodes EBCDIC hex logfiles into readable ASCII format, optionally extracting data files from log files. Works with Cleo 3780+ .mon files, and Gentran Communicator/Mailbox Server Manager .log and .atm files.

cprocess :: C :: available on request

    Simple hex value search/replace tool in a fast 11k executable. Used mainly in reformatting EDI data from popular translation products, changing line length and delimiter characters.

Relevant skills/exerience:

Domain admin :: :: Linux/Apache/Exim :: December 10, 2001 – Present

BBS Sysop :: The Worthington River :: 1985-1986

Forum Sysop/Website developer :: CompuServe’s Business Dynamics Forum:: Summer, 1998

Moderator :: :: November 3, 2003 – Present

Development work using web, scripting, and compilable languages, including:

  • Perl
  • Shell scripting (Bash, Ksh)
  • JavaScript/DHTML
  • Visual Basic/Winwrap
  • Java/C
  • CGI
  • Procomm Plus Aspect
  • Proprietary Sterling Commerce languages :
    • DYL280/Answer:Results, Gentran Communicator, Mailbox Server Manager

Sample source code available on request

Understand several application and networking protocols, and can troubleshoot them on the packet level. These include:

  • Xmodem/Xmodem-1k/Ymodem, Zmodem
  • X25
  • Bisync/SNA

Have worked on and am familiar with several operating systems, including:

  • Hobbyist systems (Apple //, Sinclair, Commodore, Atari)
  • Obsoleted systems (Dos 5.x, 6.x, OS/2, Windows 3.1/3.11/WFW, NT 3.51, Mac System 7/8)
  • Modern Windows (Win 95/98/Me, NT4/Win2k/WinXP)
  • Sun Solaris Unix, IBM AIX Unix
  • Various Linux distros

Miscellaneous hardware work, such as setting up hubs and switches, upgrading PCs and building them from scratch, burning CDs, etc.

Manage four machine home LAN, and administer the associated network switch and firewall.

Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball

Single father
Blood donor
AIM : cauteryaim
Perlmonks : delirium

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