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Welcome to CQ, the magazine for Curtis. Who’s Curtis? Me. This page will eventually flesh out into a collection of rants, code snippets, and shameless pleas for job offers. It will also contain my rambling reflections on life, fatherhood, divorcehood, and commentary on corporate life.

My goal is not to appeal to a wide audience. This is more of an online journal, and will contain a lot of filler mixed in with some choice tidbits that are memorable – sort of like life itself. I don’t entertain any fantasies of living a dynamic, impressive, and exclusive life, fraught with conflict against terrible oppressors where I am the ultimate hero and victor. Normal life isn’t like that, but it is interesting, elating, tragic, and meaningful all the same.

God works in silence June 19, 2003
Stumbling Blocks (of building a new PC) January 27, 2003
Webserver admin fun November 30, 2002
Moving forward October 10, 2002
Make money fast (don’t worry, I’m still human) March 28, 2002
Christmas December 16, 2001

Older, quirkier articles:

Brute force vs. efficiency July, 2001 and earlier

A bust for management fads
How we screw up the idea of manhood
The degredation of message boards

The emotional side of fatherhood:

My daughter’s wings

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