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About Auterytech

About Auterytech


Design Philosophy

Welcome to Auterytech, official vanity site for Curtis Autery, dad, tech guru, cynic, cook.

What is this site?

Auterytech is a few things: A journal service for any user, a “magazine” of my rants, a vanity site for myself and my daughter, and a workspace for web experiments.

This site is an attempt at an old-style page that has self-contained content that is interesting, rather than being a collection of links to other collections of links, a chili recipe, and a picture of my cat.

What makes it go?

As of this writing (Nov 10, 2002), this site is written and maintained entirely Microsoft free. The site engines are written in Perl by me from scratch, typically using Emacs. The site is served with Apache version 1.3x running under GNU Linux (Debian).

This site does not use banner ads. Any linking to other sites does not earn me a kickback, and hopefully doesn’t detract from the site’s content. This site attempts to be easy to navigate and easy to read, with few visual distractions.

The site’s text is a readable size and font. The main body of each page is a 700px centered column. Each page has a link back to the main index, sub-index, and a link to change the default color scheme CSS file.

This site uses three cookies: Current CSS file, and if logged in with an account, username and session ID. If you disable cookies, the default CSS file will be used, and everything will function normally except for the Journal page, which requires the session and username cookies.

Can I steal your code?

No, but you can use it.

All code on this site is Copyright 2002 Curtis Autery, and is free software, distributable under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2, as published by the Free Software Foundation.

If you want me to help you hack, I’m not interested. If you are an amateur programmer looking for assistance, I can recommend some public forums for you to ask your question.

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